North Central Extension Research Activities

NCERA-13 Workshop
February 14-15, 2017
Iowa City, IA


The NCR-13 Committee serves to facilitate cooperative research and educational programs in soil testing and plant analysis throughout the North Central region. The committee fosters and encourages information exchange, interstate cooperation and transfer of soil testing and plant analysis information among land grant universities, state and federal agencies, commercial laboratories, and clients who use these services. The committee strives to improve soil, plant and manure testing methodologies, interpretation and development of research-based nutrient management recommendations among states that share similar soils, topography, climatic conditions and cropping systems.


  1. To improve and standardize methods for the analysis of soils, plants, and manures and provide scientific guidance on quality control in soil testing and plant analysis laboratories serving the North Central region.
  2. To improve crop nutrient recommendations based on soil, plant and manure analysis results.
  3. To enhance the appropriate use of soil testing in addressing environmental concerns.
  4. To disseminate information on recommended soil tests, plant and manure analyses and nutrient applications, to soil and plant analysis laboratories, certified crop advisers, and other agricultural professionals.
  5. To foster interaction between public and private soil testing and plant analysis laboratories to more fully integrate soil testing research activities among private, state and government entities.